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Dominic's musical accomplishments include two LPs, six cassettes, thirteen singles, a music video, a Christmas collection and six CDs. Many of his over 100 songs and recordings have received considerable radio airplay and playlisting around the world, including in Canada, Europe and Australia, many rising to the very top of the local charts.

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After "the Singing Policeman" released his first single in 1977, many of his renditions and from-the-heart originals have become fan favourites. His most recognized songs include "My Son", "I'm Going Back" and "My Canada". "My Son" was written when his son Darren left home and is a tribute to the value and importance of time with family. "I'm Going Back" was written on the trip back from his mother's funeral where Dominic revisited the importance of home towns and community. "My Canada" details a trek across each province, a tribute to his native land.

Something Old, Something New, Just for You
Something Old, Something New, Just for You
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  1. Berrigans Mill
  2. Medley (There's a Tavern in the Town, Baby Face, 5'2 Eyes of Blue, Bill Bailey)
  3. Isle of Innis Free
  4. In my Own Eyes
  5. My Son
  6. Medley (Happy Wanderer, You Wore a Tulip, It's a Long way to Tipperary)
  7. Mountain Dew
  8. Irish Medley
  9. Leaving Nancy
  10. Father's Day
  11. To Mary my Mother with Love
  12. I'm from the North Eh
  13. Ocean Ranger
  14. Irish Jigs
  15. The Friendship Song
  16. The Winds of Freedom
Cop with a Good Record Cop with a Good Record
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  1. Come on Listen (original)
  2. Jug of Punch
  3. Mountains of Mourne (Irish Traditional)
  4. I Love You More Than Peanut Butter (original)
  5. Do You Care (original)
  6. Truck Full of Cars (original)
  7. Hank (Williams) - (original)
  8. No Place to Go (original)
  9. Tingelayo (Island Rhythm)
  10. Sheik of Newfoundland (original)
  11. Roddy McCourley (Irish Traditional)
  12. I Think I'll Leave You For a While (original)
Ottawa: Our Nation's Hometown Ottawa: Our Nation's Hometown
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Recently, when the region amalgamated into one great city, Dominic felt it was time fro Ottawa to have a new song. Along with writer Dave McConnell, Dominic wrote "Ottawa, Our Nation's Hometown". The song, about Ottawa's rich history, its beauty and its people, is an anthem of hope, understanding and pride. The song for Ottawa project became a collection of six songs that, together, deliver an enduring message of love and peace.
Dominic D'Arcy Live: You Asked For It! Dominic D'Arcy Live: You Asked For It!
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You asked for it, so here it is: Dominic at his very best. He has traveled the globe, entertained, and delighted audiences from Canada to China, the North Pole to Russia. This live recording captures Dominic's infectious Irish humour and songs, as enjoyed by the legions of fans of the original Singing Policeman! All you have to do is get out of the fast lane, sit back and enjoy Dominic has taken care of the rest!

Song for Malak Song for Malak
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Sergeant Dominic D'Arcy, Ottawa's Singing Policeman, wrote and sang this song for Malak at his funeral. Malak (a renowned Ottawa photographer) touched his life in many ways over the years, as he did those who were fortunate enough to have known this gentle man.

Crime Stoppers Crime Stoppers
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With the financial assistance of the Crime Stoppers program in Ottawa, Canada, Dominic decided to re-release his Crime Stoppers Song after numerous requests were made for it after his appearances at the Crime Stoppers International Conference in Ottawa in 2002. Included on this CD: "Do you care" and "Don't pay the pusher".

Going Back

Going Back
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The D'Arcy Line winds all the way back to Sheenboro, Quebec in this collection of Irish and Celtic songs.

Christmas in the Country

Christmas in the Country
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Celebrate Christmas in the Valley with Dominic D'Arcy. This release is ideal for younger and older fans.

The Absolute Very Best of Dominic D'Arcy The Absolute Very Best of Dominic D'Arcy
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Since Dominic D'Arcy, "The Singing Policeman", released his first single in 1977, he has recorded over 100 songs, some of which have received considerable air play and have become fan favourites. However some of these songs have not been available for several years. Therefore, after much prompting and encouragement, here is The absolute very best of Dominic D'Arcy.


Dominic also hosted his own award-winning TV show called "D'Arcy's Beat" for five seasons (1994-1999) on MCTV-BBS. "D'Arcy's Beat" gave young performers an opportunity to showcase their talents and gain practical experience towards preparing themselves for a future career in the entertainment industry. In addition to variety-style musical performances, each episode also discussed important themes and messages targeted to youth on issues of social responsibility, community service and the belief in ones self. "D'Arcy's Beat" won the "Can-Pro Award" from the Canadian Television Programming Association in 2001.


In addition to countless appearances on TV and radio, as an actor Dominic has played the part of the singing sheriff (Higgins) in an unreleased movie starring Dolly Parton titled "The Wishing Well" (2000) and he appeared in the TV movie "The Perfect Neighbor" (2005) starring Barbara Niven and Perry King. Dominic also appeared as a British NATO General in the CBC movie "H2O" (2005) starring Paul Gross and again as a police officer in "Light Years Away" (2006) which starred Eric Roberts and Christopher Knight.

Light Years Away Light Years Away (2006)
An astronomer discovers the Dream Galaxy and with it, the girl of his dreams. (IMDB)

H2O H2O (2005)
When Canada's Prime Minister drowns in what appears to be a boating accident, his son takes office and is drawn into a deceptive world of power and corruption. (IMDB)

The Perfect Neighbor The Perfect Neighbor (2005)
A disturbed new neighbor fixates on another woman's husband. (IMDB)

Off-screen, Dominic continues to work on his "Don't Pay the Pusher" video which he has developed with assistance from post-graduate students from Queens University and the Ottawa Board of Education. This video is intended to serve as a recommended curriculum for anti-drug programs aimed at school-aged children. Dominic hopes to bring this project to the forefront again as his performance schedule permits.


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