Dominic D'Arcy


A leading voice for community service and social responsibility, Dominic is available to speak at your corporate, community, charity or school event. Whether a convention, ceremony, concert, fundraiser, telethon or other special event, Dominic brings his unique mixture of rich talents to any stage.

As a singer, guitarist and fiddler, actor, storyteller, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker, special guest or a combination thereof, Dominic is a world-renowned entertainer with over four decades of experience performing for and entertaining children and adults alike.

With an enthusiastic and uniquely Canadian spin, Dominic is certain to be a valuable addition to your upcoming conference, festival, concert or special event.

To invite Dominic to speak or perform at your event;
To order a CD;
or To inquire about the Rising Stars Program,
please contact:

Dominic D'Arcy
Phone: 613-232-1945 (preferred)
Web site:

Dominic looks forward to working with your organization.

You are also invited to attend Dominic's upcoming live performances to give you an opportunity to meet with Dominic in person and in action.

Note: On special request, Dominic can adapt his show to feature music/messages specifically targeted to international audiences and in multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arab and Vietnamese.


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