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A leading voice for community service and social responsibility, Dominic is available to speak at your corporate, community, charity or school event. Whether a convention, ceremony, concert, fund raiser, telethon or other special event, Dominic brings his unique mixture of rich talents to any stage.

For over forty years, Dominic D'Arcy has entertained crowds around the world with his unique blend of music and message. Musician, humourist, actor, singer and former police officer, Dominic is a truly versatile performer. His shows offer a high-energy mix of original music, combined with favourites in rock and roll, pop, folk, Celtic/country, Irish traditional and a little of everything else. A true minstrel, the songs he sings are about people, community, dreams and hopes. No matter his audience, Dominic creates an engaging connection with children, teens, adults and seniors alike.

A decorated police officer, now retired from the Ottawa Police after thirty six years of service, Dominic is affectionately known as "the Singing Policeman". Sergeant D'Arcy (ret.) has since expanded his mandate from a front-line officer to entertaining prime ministers, heads of state, dignitaries and monarchs from over thirteen countries and in six languages.

Dominic's passion is to perform for youth and school-aged audiences, bringing his motivational messages about safety and personal responsibility to hundreds of schools and thousands of students each and every year. Through his music and stage persona, he lends a sympathetic ear to the voices of today's youth (including troubled youth) and encourages them to get involved in their community and to steer clear of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.


An accomplished performer, Dominic's solo guitar and group performances have brought his show to concert halls, conventions, arenas, festivals, fairs, parks, community centres and social benefits across the globe. Performing some 150 shows annually, many on his own time and without remuneration, Dominic possesses a proven ability to educate and motivate his audiences to share their experiences and to learn about the value of self-development and community building.

Having performed throughout most parts of North America, Dominic has notably performed on Parliament Hill (on numerous occasions) as part of Canada Day celebrations and has sung for such notables as Nana Mouskouri, Peter Fonda and Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. He has appeared on stage with "The Rovers", "The Nylons" and in 2006 gave a command performance for Paul Martin who, at the time, was the Prime Minister of Canada.

A regular guest at industry events such as the Canadian Country Music Awards, Dominic has established strong networks in the entertainment industry through his fundraising and charity work, along with other Canadian celebrities such as Shania Twain, Rich Little, Sharon, Lois and Bram, singer George Hamilton and actress Maureen O'Hara, for whom he also once conducted a home security check.

His music has taken him to England, Ireland, China, the former Soviet Union, Barbados, Bermuda, the Caribbean Islands and even the North Pole. In 1997 he performed live in China at the "Rainbow Around the World" event in Beijing which reached a television audience of 350 million people around the Orient. Dominic was invited back in 1999 as a representative of Canada for the "Great Wall Festival" which was seen on CCTV by 450 million people. With his universal message and widespread appeal, Dominic celebrates both national and international success.

Sergeant D'Arcy ("the Singing Policeman")

Born to a large family in the small Irish community of Sheenboro in Western Quebec (Canada), Dominic has spent much of his life making Ottawa a better place to live. Recognized for years as Sergeant D'Arcy "the Singing Policeman" with the Ottawa Police, Dominic worked the streets, the beat, traffic patrol, detective and youth and community services where -- through his music -- he has been instrumental in spearheading community efforts in the greater National Capital Region and in leading the charge for drug prevention and awareness with his colleagues on the force for over twenty-five years.

Since retiring from the Ottawa Police in 1999, Dominic now puts his efforts towards sharing his messages on safety, responsibility and drug prevention through music and message. In or out of uniform, Dominic continues to lead his "No Bullying" program by speaking at elementary and high schools, seniors homes and community events about the pitfalls of bullying and being bullied at school and in the workplace (yes, there are many adult bullies out there as well). Sergeant D'Arcy (ret.) also continues to speak to high school and university law classes about the role of the police officer in the community.


In acknowledgment of his unfailing commitment to community service, Dominic has received numerous awards including the "Ottawa/Hull Hospitality Award" (1985), the Solicitor General's "Police Officer of the Year Award" (1986), the "Community Service Award" (1990) from the Ottawa Board of Commissioners of Police, the Retired Teachers of Ontario's "Celebrity of the Year Award" (2006), the "Lifetime Achievement Award" (2006) from the Ottawa Valley Roundup radio show and the "Community Builder's Award" (2007) from the United Way.

Dominic is the recipient of the Governor General's "Canada 125 Award" (1993) and the Governor General's "Caring Canadian Award" (1999) which is presented to individuals whose unpaid, selfless and voluntary contributions of their time and energy provide extraordinary help or care to people in their community. Dominic was also bestowed with the Governor General's "Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal" (2002) which is awarded to Canadians who have made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or to Canada as a whole.

In 2006, in tribute to his contributions to local community service, Dominic was presented with the "Key to the City of Ottawa". At the ceremony honouring Dominic, former Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli explained that the longtime police officer has played a pivotal role in making the nation's capital the kind of place it is: "He has a special something about him where people immediately trust him, whether it's seniors or youth".

In addition to being the Grand Marshal of the Canadian Tulip Festival's Flotilla on the Rideau Canal in May 2000, Dominic has also celebrated two "Dominic D'Arcy Days" in Ottawa (May 21, 1999 and November 5, 2006) as a token from the City to show its appreciation for all that Dominic has done for Canada's capital. November 5, 2006 also marked Dominic's 50th anniversary as a performer and as a champion for community service.

Recordings and Appearances

Dominic's musical accomplishments include two LPs, six cassettes, thirteen singles, a music video, a Christmas collection and six CDs. Many of his over 100 songs and recordings have received considerable radio airplay and playlisting around the world, including in Canada, Europe and Australia, many rising to the very top of the local charts.

After "the Singing Policeman" released his first single in 1977, many of his renditions and from-the-heart originals have become fan favourites. His most recognized songs include "My Son", "I'm Going Back" and "My Canada". "My Son" was written when his son Darren left home and is a tribute to the value and importance of time with family. "I'm Going Back" was written on the trip back from his mother's funeral where Dominic revisited the importance of home towns and community. "My Canada" details a trek across each province, a tribute to his native land.

Dominic also hosted his own award-winning TV show called "D'Arcy's Beat" for five seasons (1994-1999) on MCTV-BBS. "D'Arcy's Beat" gave young performers an opportunity to showcase their talents and gain practical experience towards preparing themselves for a future career in the entertainment industry. In addition to variety-style musical performances, each episode also discussed important themes and messages targeted to youth on issues of social responsibility, community service and the belief in ones self. "D'Arcy's Beat" won the "Can-Pro Award" from the Canadian Television Programming Association in 2001.

In addition to countless appearances on TV and radio, as an actor Dominic has played the part of the singing sheriff (Higgins) in an unreleased movie starring Dolly Parton titled "The Wishing Well" (2000) and he appeared in the TV movie "The Perfect Neighbor" (2005) starring Barbara Niven and Perry King. Dominic also appeared as a British NATO General in the CBC movie "H2O" (2005) starring Paul Gross and again as a police officer in "Light Years Away" (2006) which starred Eric Roberts and Christopher Knight.

Off-screen, Dominic continues to work on his "Don't Pay the Pusher" video which he has developed with assistance from post-graduate students from Queens University and the Ottawa Board of Education. This video is intended to serve as a recommended curriculum for anti-drug programs aimed at school-aged children. Dominic hopes to bring this project to the forefront again as his performance schedule permits.

Rising Stars

Dominic's civic pride and dedication to supporting youth in his community has also inspired him to create a talent development program that has helped to bring new Canadian talent to the world stage and screen, including Alanis Morissette, Polly Shannon, Stephanie Cadman and Meredith Henderson.

Founded in 1989, Dominic D'Arcy's "Rising Stars Program" develops and manages young performing artists from the greater Ottawa region and teaches them about the value of stage presence, practice, performance, prose and being ambassadors for their community (and in some cases their country). The "Rising Stars Program" guides young performers towards a career in entertainment, learning the challenges by experience and example along the way. By joining Dominic on stage, these early performances offer young talent an opportunity to use the stage as a springboard to the next steps in their career, under the mentorship of an experienced professional.

In addition to the educational value, these young artists also benefit from exclusive opportunities to perform at a variety of local, national and international venues, which may include appearances on television, the theatrical stage or participating in recording sessions.

Dominic is also the founder of the "Dominic D'Arcy Talent Development Foundation" which supports and provides funds for these rising stars to develop their art as well as assist them to find more long-term corporate sponsorship. Managed by the Community Foundation of Ottawa, all funds are invested back into the Ottawa community in support of social services (including projects for children, youth and seniors).

Dominic believes strongly in helping today's youth and in nurturing new talent to discover their potential and to give them the wings that they need to fly. While some of his "Rising Stars" have already found great success, others have learned valuable life skills towards becoming better citizens and better performers.

Dominic has always encouraged young people -- and entire audiences alike -- to share his stage and he continues to spend much of his time showing others how to make their dreams come true.

As an Honourable member of the Kinsman Club of Ottawa, Dominic plays an active role in helping to raise funds for a number of charitable causes, including the Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. He also frequently donates his time to entertain at seniors residences throughout the National Capital Region.

Dominic and You

A leading voice for community service and social responsibility, Dominic is available to speak at your corporate, community, charity or school event. Whether a convention, ceremony, concert, fund raiser, telethon or other special event, Dominic brings his unique mixture of rich talents to any stage.

As a singer, guitarist and fiddler, actor, storyteller, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker, special guest or a combination thereof, Dominic is a world-renowned entertainer with over four decades of experience performing for and entertaining children and adults alike.

In addition to his musical talents, Dominic has recently begun to write his memoirs in a new book tentatively titled "Stop or I'll Sing". Much like his stage show, his book promises to impart important messages and advice to today's youth through a mix of humourous tales and life lessons learned throughout his own celebrated career.

The interplay between his music and his message creates a unique magic with any audience, a distinction well deserved for a man who has devoted so much of his life to making his and other communities a better place to live.

With an enthusiastic and uniquely Canadian spin, Dominic is certain to be a valuable addition to your upcoming conference, festival, concert or special event.

Through his tireless work and his many community-oriented projects, Dominic D'Arcy continues to entertain with music and message across the city, the country and the world.


Contact Information

If you would like to invite Dominic to speak or perform at your event, please contact:

Dominic D'Arcy
Phone: 613-232-1945 (preferred)
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Dominic looks forward to working with your organization.

You are also invited to attend Dominic's upcoming live performances to give you an opportunity to meet with Dominic in person and in action.

Note: On special request, Dominic can adapt his show to feature music/messages specifically targeted to international audiences and in multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arab and Vietnamese.


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