Dominic D'Arcy


For over forty years, Dominic D'Arcy has entertained crowds around the world with his unique blend of music and message. Musician, humourist, actor, singer and former police officer, Dominic is a truly versatile performer. His shows offer a high-energy mix of original music, combined with favourites in rock and roll, pop, folk, Celtic/country, Irish traditional and a little of everything else. A true minstrel, the songs he sings are about people, community, dreams and hopes. No matter his audience, Dominic creates an engaging connection with children, teens, adults and seniors alike.

A decorated police officer, now retired from the Ottawa Police after thirty-six years of service, Dominic is affectionately known as "the Singing Policeman". Sergeant D'Arcy (retired) has since expanded his mandate from a front-line officer to entertaining prime ministers, heads of state, dignitaries and monarchs from over thirteen countries and in six languages.

A leading voice for community service and social responsibility, Dominic is available to speak at your corporate, community, charity or school event. Whether a convention, ceremony, concert, fundraiser, telethon or other special event, Dominic brings his unique mixture of rich talents to any stage.

Now available:

Stop, or I'll Sing!
A memoir by Dominic W. D'Arcy
Ottawa's Singing Policeman

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